About Us

Airhouse Farm has been a farm for a long time....

Records go back to 1328 when Airhouse was known as Airwis then Aroves and in 1725 is became Arrowes. There is a fascinating book, The History of Channelkirk, which details out the history of all the farms in and around Oxton going back many hundreds of years.  In 1928 the owner at that time found a lot of interesting artefacts which are with the National Museum of Antiquities.  They are a collecion of stone and flint implements and more information can be read about them here

We purchased the farm in 1987 and now have a herd of Aberdeen Angus Suckler Cows, some Belted Galloways, a few sheep and quite a lot of animals which are more "pets" than farm animals, such as Alpacas, Pigs, Shetland Ponies, Hens and Bantams.

We farm on a deferred grazing system which mean the cattle are outside all year round and fields are shut off in the summer to allow the grass to grow so that the cows then winter in these fields.  We also cut grass for silage which is baled and fed to the cows during the winter.  

The way we farm has encouraged wild life and we have lots of wild deer, badgers, hedgehogs, and a great variety of birds. 

In 2006 we built the Lamont, the Ramsay and the Lodge which were all open by Christmas 2006.  In 2007 we built the Buchanan and in 2012 The Capercaillie was built.  

View of cows grazing at Airhouses Wild Deer at Airhouses Aberdeen Angus cows Flight Pond at Airhouses